Promo Points - Rewards

Introducing Your Corporate Store's 'Promo Points - Rewards™' Card.

Your Corporate Store makes buying promo products and logo’d apparel rewarding. With our Promo Points - Rewards™. program. With every dollar spent you can earn points towards a future purchase. It’s quick, simple and absolutely FREE to join.

How Promo Points Are Calculated
Unlike most other reward programs, it takes no time to earn Promo Points - Rewards™. There are no catalogues to check, no forms to fill out and no calls to make to get your reward. It’s completely automatic, quick and hassle-free. Members will receive 2 points for every dollar spent (not including shipping or applicable taxes). Promo Points - Rewards™ are rounded down to the nearest point.

Redeeming ‘Promo Points - Rewards™’
Promo Points - Rewards™ can be redeemed and credited towards your next purchase at Your Corporate Store. Intentions to redeem towards a specific order must be brought to the attention of customer service prior to finalizing the order. Quarterly statements will highlight the previous 3 months of reward activity, however promo points cannot be redeemed on accounts with outstanding balances.

Bonus Points
Bonus Promo Point Rewards are earned on eligible purchases that are promoted as Bonus Rewards. These specials are promoted on the website, fax specials, email specials, our quarterly newsletter ‘Ideas that Promote’ and your quarterly Promo Point Rewards statement. With Your Corporate Store Bonus Points, you’ll reap rewards even sooner! You can earn BONUS POINTS in addition to collecting 2 Points for every $1 spent.

Referral Program
Let us help your friends and business associates promote their business, and we’ll reward you with promo points for their first order.

Promo Points Not Credited
Your Corporate Store allows you up to six months from the transaction date to claim retroactive credit for any transactions missing from your Promo Points Rewards statement. All transactions prior to your enrollment are not eligible for credits. To receive credit for items missing on this statement, please fax your request with a copy of your latest statement and legible copies of Your Corporate Store invoices to 705-728-1730 or to 1-877-409-6811. Please allow one statement period for processing. Some exceptions may apply.

Please Note
To maintain the security of the account, the key contact is the only person who can redeem promo rewards from your Promo Points Reward account, towards purchases, unless you mail or fax a signed letter to Your Corporate Store in which you name a specific person and request that this privilege be extended to him/her. Promo Points Rewards are subject to blackout specials. Blackout specials refer to particular specials that account holders cannot redeem points towards the purchase. All BONUS REWARD specials are subject to blackouts.

The terms and conditions of the Promo Points - Rewards™ program are subject
to change without notice.

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