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On-line Company Stores:
Your company store can be customized to fit your needs exactly, whatever they are. Some of the benefits include:

Save Time and Money
Having an online store saves you time in many ways. It greatly simplifies the ordering and order approval process and allows you to track stock and costs instantly. Bulk ordering coordinates the purchasing power of the organization and insures you get the best price for every item.

Consistent Logo Reproduction
Another benefit of centralized ordering is that you have absolute control over your branding so you always look your best. Your Corporate Store will maintain a library of approved logos and images and make sure your branding is always displayed in a manner that is consistent, appropriate, and tasteful. Marketing and management staff can pre-approve all store items for brand consistency and vision. Carefully selected merchandise conveys the quality and style of your brand, and each selection supports and expresses the image you wish to convey.

Professional, Flexible Warehousing and Fulfillment
Wrapping and shipping merchandise to clients or other office locations is handled by shipping professionals instead of your administrative staff. We have the ability to handle whatever shipping needs you have, domestically and internationally, and you have complete control over how the products are packaged and delivered.

Strategic Merchandising
Strategic merchandising ensures that there are choices at every price point so your employees' needs are fully addressed. Our knowledge of product and your business allows us to find the right item for any purpose.

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