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Logo Design Services:
Before you invest in promotional products and apparel, or printed marketingmaterial, make sure you are happy with your logo and artwork. If you’re not happy, you might want to invest in having our graphic artist develop some new concepts for you.

Because we work with hundreds of companies, we’re aware of how a professional logo design will can make a difference in your sales and marketing efforts. Your Corporate Store’s designers will create a logo that communicates the purpose and personality of your business. And after we design your logo, we can help you put it to good use with the most unique promotional items, affordable prices and quality service that we’re know for.

According to the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing Guidelines, companies with annual revenues of less than $1M pay between $2,000 to $10,000 for a company logo. Now you can get a company logo from Your Corporate Store at a fraction of that cost. And the designers on your project are the same designers you'd get at almost any design shop or ad agency.

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